About Us

We get a lot of questions about how Delta-8 THC can help with stress, sleepless nights, anxiety, and other common ailments that many people face every day, so Delta 8 Questions has created a series of informative posts to help keep you informed, walk you through the many advantages, tips on dosing, and how to purchase online.

We’re here to help you make more informed choices.

John Sampson

Founder and Writer

John has been an avid THC advocate for over 20 years. He found THC to be incredible helpful for his numerous stress-induced mental health issues, but found obtaining good ways to control his dosage (primarily through edibles) unless he crossed borders into marijuana legalized states. Now that Delta 8 makes THC products available for mostly everyone in the US, he created this site to inform people on what it is and how it can help people like him, who are suffering from similar conditions.



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